CoinGenius will host on June 25-26 the brightest minds in crypto and blockchain for its second virtual conference, “The Road To Mass Adoption.”   This quarterly conference series, The Collective Intelligence Summit Series, will see 60 speakers across blockchain, capital markets, FinTech, and AI for our second installation.  Day 1 includes 12 great panel discussions with

Brock Piercec

The following article is based on comments made by Brock Pierce at CoinGenius’ Virtual Summit, Collective Intelligence. Coronavirus is something that is disrupting all of our lives, and all of our businesses all over the planet–– really wild times. There will be a huge impact that’s going to come out of it. Great things are

We live in a fascinating time in crypto at the moment. The halving is just a few days away, and, amid global economic crisis,  never before has there been so much attention on Bitcoin.  In the coming days, I believe we will see play out the same thing that happened in the wake of the

Oz Sultan, an enterprise blockchain consultant and fellow Genius, anticipates a big sell off by whales after the forthcoming Bitcoin halving, which takes place in the next 48 hours. But, he doesn’t think all of our attention should be on Bitcoin. He thinks we should be looking at the correlation between the Bitcoin selloff post-halving

Meat processing plants worldwide have closed at least temporarily as workers come down with COVID-19, warning of potential shortages of beef, pork, and poultry in supermarkets. The meat supply chain is vulnerable as most of the butchering is done at plants that process tens of thousands of animals daily. If a few big plants close,

On April 10, CoinGenius held its first virtual conference, Collective Intelligence, during which Ravencoin founder Tron Black, securities lawyer Josh Lawler, and others sat down to discuss Wall Street’s foray into blockchain and distributed ledger. Tron Black sees different blockchain products evolving on Wall Street. tZero, a distributed ledger company building an alternative trading system

Oil prices fell below $0 a barrel on Monday, and some energy companies could be forced into bankruptcy as storage reaches maximum capacity. On April 1, CNBC published a report titled “Oil prices could soon turn negative as the world runs out of places to store crude.” The report continued:  “Global oil storage could reach

financial crisis

In India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and throughout poorer countries, the people aren’t only worried about catching COVID-19: they’re worried about starving to death, too.  The headlines tell the story.  “Lockdown or Starvation? Poorer Economies Weigh Impossible Choice” – Foreign Policy “In Zimbabwe, ‘you win coronavirus or you win starvation’” – ABC “The

In 30 days from now, when we come out of this social distancing, quarantine, etc., people are going to fundamentally question their faith in the US Dollar, thus creating an opportunity to create a digital dollar, as well as cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin. People don’t remember colonial notes or how the Massachusetts Bay Colony in