by Viko CRYPTOCURRENCY SCAMS — 2019 Scams are everywhere online, and cryptocurrency exchanges are no different. Although exchanges, wallets, and other cryptocurrency custody services are strengthening their defenses with the help of cybersecurity innovations but the innovations by hackers have outpaced these exchanges. These scams are not confined to robberies from the exchanges. Cryptocurrencies startups have

by Viko BTC Technical Analysis (August 16–24) Bitcoin price has struggled to regain the same powerful bullish momentum it had starting in April through July. The bulls are struggling to maintain their tides in the market but the market was quivering around $10,000. Traders on twitter started confirming their confidence that Bitcoin will never drop significantly

by Marco Rossi This week the market and the crypto-market have had some restless and jittery days with both gold and Bitcoin going down and with silver outperforming gold for the first time after a long time. Indeed, BTC closed down last week, reaching a low of $9,650.07 and showing an overall downward trend. If you read CoinGenius’s

by Marco Rossi The major trend of long treasuries and short equities is temporarily broken. In the last report we have seen that the crypto-market knew some jittery days this last week. However, it is not just cryptocurrencies who have surprised us: the traditional market also reserved us quite a few emotions. Macro trends in the market can

by Viko Negative Interest rates have been the emergency tools of the central banks. Several countries and central banks are planning to experiment with the unorthodox policies of implementing negative interest rates and this is making headlines more than ever. Investors may tolerate marginal negative yields on sovereign debt because it is a safe investment, and

by Viko Last week Bitcoin was again wavering around 10,000 until August 2018 when it plunged to $9600. The drop occurred hours before the weekly close of the BitMEX perpetual contract, which reflects the price of bitcoin on major spot exchanges. Most analysts have attributed the drop to the close of the CME bitcoin futures contract,

by Viko The crypto market is highly speculative, causing the value of your portfolio to shift erratically on occasion. Much as they would with any other portfolio, cryptocurrency investors will also diversify their portfolio to mitigate their unsystematic risks. Many crypto investors invest in Bitcoin, and maybe a bit of whatever coin has caught their eye

by Viko WEEKLY ANALYSIS (SEPT 7–14) After Bakkt tweeted their opening a week ago the price dropped down from the resistance zone around $10,900 towards $10,200. However, the price dropped down a bit more towards the support zone of $9,900–10,000 but then surged towards $10,200. Last week, Bitcoin held the key support area at $10,000 after

By Viko BTC Technical Analysis (Sept 1 — Sept 8) Bitcoin price was trading at a weekly gain of 6%. The price has been on a decent recovery, after bottoming out late August down at $9500. BTC/USD price action is moving within a narrowing triangular structure, moving closer towards a breakout. It looks ready to launch