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Vitalik Buterin is considered the founder of Ethereum and brought his idea to the public in 2013. Ethereum raised capital via crowdfunding in 2014.  The platform went to its main net on July 30, 2015. In 2016 , ETH forked from the original Ethereum and is known as ETC or Ethereum Classic. The two run

It looks like the market has lived the same excitement in preparation for Thanksgiving. There’s been those who rocketed, as the S&P, who was undecided on what to do, as the precious metals, and who just seems to be having a hard time, like BTC and its non-stopping decrease. But let’s start at once. The

In July 2019, Alameda Research, in collaboration with FTX Global published a report which claimed 68% of the trading volume reported on CoinMarketCap to fake. Before this, in May 2019, Bitwise Asset Management submitted a report to SEC in which they claimed this same percentage to be 95%. If the number ‘95%’ is true, it clearly exposes

Source — This week was the dip and recovery week for Bitcoin. The price movements gave a sigh of relief as the bulls look coming back to support from the bottom in the last 4 days. Bitcoin moved more than $1000 adding both upsides and downsides. The prices fell catastrophically where it tested support

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Think of 1850, a landmark year in the gold mining industry where seemingly gold appeared out of nowhere in California, Alaska, Oregon, and other parts of the United States and changed the course of history. A revolution of transaction and trades was starting from that moment as gold was gaining a reputation and trust to

Market Analysis This week Last week the global market had three major events, the Federal Reserve meeting, the British Elections, and the ECB meeting which have indirectly shown their impacts on Bitcoin’s prices. All three were focused on friendly monetary policies and Brexit which gave British pound an up move followed by correction. British Pound’s