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Blockchain and cryptocurrency markets have sparked interest from even the most casual observers who learn about the digital currency phenomenon.

Some quickly invest in emerging projects, praying for the next Bitcoin.

It has been more than 10 years since Bitcoin was invented.

There’s so much more to the story. It’s been more than 4 years since BTC actually became famous. But…

There are no solid drivers or metrics which define the price runs in the markets. Although the markets are completely driven by ‘demand and supply’, the historical data shows the Bitcoin charts are full of erratic price trends.

The cryptocurrency market is flooded with a bevy of conflicting information. These price movements are triggered by various unpredictable events in the past which have made the data noisy and incomprehensible.

Adding to this, the research process can be so time-consuming that a potential investor can miss the opportunity to get in at the right time.

Traders and other investors find it to be an uphill struggle to make real-time decisions without any automated insights, advanced models, or researched analysis.

Why CoinGenius?


GeniusXV is on a mission to revolutionize sentiment. GeniusXV is an analytics engine and information provider that qualifies information in the ether, and then quantifies and delivers that intelligence. GeniusXV’s premier product is an app called CoinGenius. CoinGenius is built to empower traders with real-time data that is needed to make intelligent investment decisions.

CoinGenius tracks all the required attributes which professional traders keep in consideration before jumping onto even the slightest conclusions.

CoinGenius Public Dashboard

Features of CoinGenius

Intelligent Analytics:

1. Extensive Signals: AI-powered trading signals that can help investors to cut through the noise. This includes real-time analysis of project communities, overall stability, volatility, and more.

2. Signal Overlays: Understand the link between market signals and price movements, so users can make smarter trading decisions.

3. Coin Price Predictions: Multi-exchange price forecasting with deep learning algorithms powered by our proprietary prediction models.

4. Technical Indicators — Track moving averages, momentums, and, volatility live

5. External Correlations — Learn how bitcoin has shown correlation with global stock markets, commodities like gold, other alt coins, and many more.

6. Sentiment Drivers — Bullish or Bearish, fear or greed, good or bad, keep yourself updated with the market’s emotional responses on price movements before anyone else.

Track Correlations with other markets

Personalize your Portfolios and receive:

  • Crypto News Feeds — Information hubs for traders to access objective, reliable information: Crypto news, ICO analysis, Regulations, and market research.
  • Custom Smart Alerts -: AI-powered push notifications and trade signals based on what’s happening in the market.
  • Coin-specific AI-Curated News Feed — Collects signals and sentiments globally from a vast number of sources and eliminates or mitigates signals that are likely: noise, duplicates, fakes, fraud, and other illegitimate types and reformats them into an API-suitable feed
  • Coin Scores — With the CoinGenius API, users have the ability to source quantitative data from qualitative metrics in a method that provides practical value to trading strategies both by HFT users and retail users, etc

CoinGenius also provides exclusive Consulting Services. Get directly in touch with us if you are looking for:

  • Custom research reports
  • Exchange/order book auditing
  • Trading Algorithms
  • Custom metrics & data sets
  • Deep learning models
  • Chain analysis
  • Customizable Alerts
  • Corporate training

Even as the market evolves, CoinGenius and the GeniuxXV team are prepared to tackle emerging issues head-on. The tools on the CoinGenius app ensure that even in the most unpredictable markets, users will be empowered with the best up-to-date information and intelligent analysis which will help them to make smarter trading decisions.

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Nov 17, 2019

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