CoinGenius Presents “Collective Intelligence”

Fear, Greed & The Evolution of Money

Featured Speakers

Brock Pierce
Keynote Speaker, Chairman, Bitcoin Foundation & Integro Foundation

Nick Spanos
Founder, Bitcoin Center & Blockchain Center

Vinny Lingham
CEO, Co-Founder Civic

Tron Black
Lead Developer, Ravencoin

Miko Matsumura
Co-Founder, Evercoin


David Gokhshtein

Crystal Rose Pierce
CEO, Sense, Forbes Top Woman in Blockchain

Marshall Long
Mining Expert

Allan Stevo
Ex-Chief of Staff, Kraken

Michael Creadon
VP Client Relations, Celeri Network

Mathew D’Souza
Mining Expert

Alex Lightman
CEO, Praxis Digital

On Yavin
Founder & CEO, Cointelligence

Enzo Villani
Executive Director, Founder in Fintech

Michael Terpin
CEO, Transform Group, Blockchain Advisor

Cory Klippsten
Founder, Swan Bitcoin


Tiffany Gray
Public Health Advisor, DC Department of Health

Mihaela Ulieru
President, Impact Institute

Jarred Winn
Senior VP of Charity, Binance

Daniel Gouldman
CEO, Ternio

Samson Williams
Principal Consultant at Axes & Eggs, Columbia University

Kyle Rea
Professional Crypto Trader

Steve Quan
Head of Market Research, CoinGenius

Jeremy Born
CEO, Co-Founder, CoinGenius

Dustin Minch
Head of Mining Intelligence, CoinGenius

Oz Sultan
Enterprise Blockchain & Strategy

Russ Wilcox
CTO, CoinGenius

Bryan Feinberg
Blockchain Venturist

Josh Lawler
Finance & Securities Lawyer, Zuber Lawler

Kyle Kemper
CEO, Founder of Swiss Key

Robert Beadles
Co-Founder Monarch Wallet, Crypto Educator

Drew Taylor
Wild West Crypto Show

Morgan Steckler
Crypto Expert, iTrust Capital

Joel Comm
Co-Host, Bad Crypto Podcast

Travis Wright
Co-Host, Bad Crypto Podcast

Raymond Kahn
Senior Management, Stealth Mode

Peter Rozsa
Executive Chairman, Stacked Financial

Marc Scarpa
Co-Founder, Decentric Media

Brandon Cooper
CEO, Aphid

Adam Blumberg
Co-Founder, Interaxis

Chris Wise
Founder and Growth Expert, Wise Profits

Ky Primo
Content Creator, Blockchain and Crypto

Kristina Bruhahn
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, CoinGenius

Josh Frank
Co-Founder & CEO of The TIE

Christian Kameir
Managing Partner, Sustany Capital

Tim Bogert
CRO, CoinGenius

Bradley Kimes
Cryptonaires, Investement Perspectives

Lea Thompson
CEO, Girl Gone Crypto

Daniel Cheine
Account Manager, PTP Wallet

Phill Watts
A.I. Expert

Steve Ehrlich
CEO, Voyager

Dr. Sam Franklin
Chief Analytics Officer, CoinGenius

Alyze Sam
Stable Coins Expert

Greg Garcia
Founder, CoinMentor

Manny Alicandro
Law Office of Manny Alicandro

Brent Bates
Wild West Crypto Show

Nick Saponaro
CIO, Divi Project

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